Monday, September 06, 2004

"no such thing as"?

One response to free software is to "just shut up and pay the man"! I may have even said this myself, although with humorous intent. The interesting thing is that when I looked for "no such thing as free software", I found several sites advocating that free software costs more money than software that you have to pay for, so you were better off paying the man.

Are these really free opinions or just examples of "speak up and be paid by the man?"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

Yes, the opinion expressed is entirely my own. In fact the point I was trying to make was that you always end up paying someone, whether it's Microsoft or Novell, Red Hat, or IBM.

If software is your hobby and you enjoy playing with things, open source is terrific. But if you're using software as a tool, companies like Red Hat and Novell are lined up to sell you consulting services to help reach the software its full potential.

Red Hat has a market cap of 2.7 Billion because they want to be "the man" for Open Source customers.

Mike Sax