Monday, March 07, 2005

More Windows Fuglies

There are those times when I feel the jaw muscles tighten and my teeth start to grind. Recently Windows is has been causing my fillings to crack. At home, I have discovered that I can render the movie by switching off DMA mode on my disk drive. The movie renders with the disk in PIO mode, it just takes 10 times as long. So I find myself doing the rendering overnight just as I used to do when I had a 150 MHz processor.

The thing is that I rendered movies in January without a problem, and the only change to the system since then has been Microsoft's persistent security updates. The patches have been coming so fast and furious recently that I have not even been looking to see what they are. Anyway, given the way they are delivered, Microsoft seems to encourage the ignorance is bliss approach to patches. In this case ignorance has lead to anything but bliss.

The "funny" thing is that the hint to switch off disk DMA came from a NT bug workaround from years ago. Has the bug been reintroduced, or more likely the original source of the problem was never properly fixed and a change to another module has uncovered it again. I suppose that I should uninstall the patches one by one to find the one that is the cause of my problem, however that would mean doing the absolutely ridiculous act of writing down bug numbers on a piece of paper because sure as hell you cannot use the computers cut and paste to copy them (subject for another rant that has been brewing for a long time and seems close to erupting).

I will not go into the anguish at work where my computer has switched off DMA mode on the disk drive and cannot be persuaded to switch it back on again.

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