Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Predictive Analytics Redux

Anyone who did not come the SDForum Business Intelligence SIG meeting on Tuesday missed a great talk. Eric Zankman led us through a case study of a customer analytics engagement with a large telecom company that addresses a specific business issue and eventually provided a measurable multi-million dollar return.

During the engagement he had: built a data mart to collect the data, built a set of predictive models, segmented the customers, developed a set of strategies for handling the business problem, run a series of tests with different strategies to understand the costs and benefits of each strategy and finally set things up so that the customer could continue to monitor and refine their strategy.

Eric described each stage with enough clarity that I feel that I could reproduce his work if I were asked to. Of course I would not do it as well as Eric did, but that is not the point. I have read books, been to classes, heard presentations on customer analytics and never seen such a simple yet comprehensive walk through of what to do and how to do it.

So if you did not come, you missed a great meeting. Sign up with our mailing list/group so that you do not miss another meeting.

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