Saturday, December 24, 2005

iPod Fever

I got an iPod Shuffle for listening to podcasts a couple of weeks ago, and despite some initial problems, I am very pleased with it. There are still a few rough edges with iTunes. It may be fine for someone who wants to collect and listen to music, but it does not work quite so well for podcasts.

A big rap against the iPod is that it does not have a radio. I got an iPod because I wanted to listen to podcasts while I worked out, and as radio reception is broken at the gym, I was not looking for a radio anyway. With a little experience I have come to realize that a radio in an iPod would be completely superfluous.

The point of the iPod and a podcast is that I can listen to the talk show I want to listen to, when I want to, rather than being tied to the tyranny of the radio schedule. Initially I thought that I would miss the serendipity of having to listen to the available talk radio, however there is plenty of serendipity when you subscribe to the right podcasts.

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