Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Collaboration SIG Podcasts

I have been listening to podcasts from the SDForum Collaboration SIG, and I have to say that they are very good. It is not like being at the meeting, the visuals and the interactivity are missing, however it keeps mind alive while cleaning out the pool filter or pounding away on the cross trainer at the gym.

If anything is wrong with these podcasts it is that they show that an iPod Shuffle is not really designed around playing 2 hour tracks. I have not figured out how the Shuffle remembers its stopping point in each track, particularly when I switch it off and on again. What I experience is that it always seems to remember the stopping point before the last one so I find myself having to fast forward through many tens of minutes of the podcast. To say this is unwieldy is an understatement.

The Collaboration SIG goes to great pains to make the podcasts work. Most of the audience questions are audible, and the speakers come across very clearly. The only suggestions that I would make are to put on lead in and outro announcing track and perhaps edit out the longer pauses and the inevitable bit where the speaker grapples with getting the projector to work.

The other issue with these podcasts is finding them. The Collaboration SigBlog wiki (???) has 6 feeds from Atom to RSS 0.91, but I could not find a feed for the podcasts. Then I did a search on the iTunes Music Store for "SDForum" and found it immediately. Subscribe now.

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