Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog Ennui

It is Sunday morning and I notice that TechCrunch has a couple of new posts. One is a stream of consciousness piece from Steve Gillmor called "Bill's Gold Watch". This one was better than the stream of consciousness piece Steve wrote last week called "The Blood Brain Barrier", mainly because it was shorter. Steve can write conventional blog posts, for example on Saturday morning he had an excellent piece called "Facebook's Glass Jaw" which comments on the Facebook - Friends Connect fracas.

So what is Steve trying to do with "Bill's Gold Watch"? Is he trying to create a new Journalism? To me, it reads more like poetry. Even if it does not make complete sense, it sparks off thoughts and associations, and that appears to be the intention. Another commenter suggested it reads like rap. If it were printed as blank verse we would see what was going on and Steve could concentrate in getting the rhythms right as well as avoiding some of the more tortuous and interconnected thoughts.

In other blog thoughts, I have completely given up on Vallywag. Shortly after I wrote about Vallywag a year and a half ago, the then editor Nick Douglas departed and it has been downhill ever since. Now it is just a load of social claptrap of the sort that fills the gossip column of a tabloid newspaper.

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