Monday, December 29, 2008

More DRM Nonsense

I have just run into another piece of DRM nonsense. As I mentioned before, we made the transition to HDTV far too early and are now stuck with all the annoying outrages that any early adopter has to deal with. Some years ago we bought a new TV/Monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio and component video input at 1080i. So, for years every TV actress that crossed our screen has had an unnaturally broad bottom, and every late night TV host, an unnaturally broad smile.

This Christmas I was thinking of upgrading our DVD player to one that would up-convert the signal sent to the TV to 1080i. Then I started reading the specs. Apparently, although all recent DVD players tout the ability to up-convert their signal, the movie Nabobs have decreed that DVD players cannot up-convert or otherwise enhance encrypted content if it is sent out en plein as component video. As all commercial DVDs are encrypted, an "up-converting" DVD players would not up-convert any of the DVD content that we watch.

We live in perilous times and I know that it is my duty as a good citizen to go out and consume. But if I cannot buy a new DVD player that does something more that the one I already have what is the point of buying it? This Christmas my wallet has remains firmly closed for A/V upgrades.

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