Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twittering Foodies

Given these difficult economic times, the latest trend in San Francisco dining is the unresturant, according to San Francisco Magazine. That is a posh way of describing eating from a food cart or truck. For example: Spenser-On-The-Go serves Caper Braised Skate Cheeks or Frogs Legs and Curry from a converted Taco truck; Boccalone serves exquisite pulled pork sandwiches from a bicycle; the Creme Brulee Cart and Magic Curry Kart are just street carts.

As the vendors come and go and many of them are not properly licensed, the only way to find out where they are going to be serving is to follow them on Twitter. At last! a purpose for Twitter, if you are a committed foodie. As I have not quite gotten to the Escargot Puffs level yet, I have not yet joined Twitter, although I can see a glimmer of hope. On the other hand David Letterman is still firmly in the camp that twitter is a colossal waste of time as this hilarious segment with Kevin Spacey shows.

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