Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

This morning I woke up to the local newspaper headline "Do you want to know a Secret?", and knew that something was going on. Later they changed their tune to something more like the The Wall Street Journal which starts their piece "Steve Jobs is nearing the end of his long and winding pursuit of the Beatles catalog." Other newspapers had headlines like "All you need is iTunes", "Let it be Available" and "Apple and The Beatles finally come together on iTunes". All in all, it seems like bunch stupid headline tricks from the old media, a sure sign that they are getting past it.

Meanwhile the new media is a lot more standoffish. Wired News is like "Yawn". TechCrunch is all business with "All 17 Beatles Albums Are In The Top 100 On iTunes". Of course Fake Steve Jobs had a field day, providing by far the best commentary on the whole event.

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