Monday, May 31, 2004

Laurel Canyon

Watched Laurel Canyon> on DVD, and loved it. However I am amazed at the mixed response it got. Some people loved it, while many including prominent critics hated it.

To me it had all the elements: interest, a strong and successful hippy mother contrasted with her tightly sprung type-A son; amusement, the laid back left coast seduces the uptight east coast; and of course those very necessary elements in these modern times of sex & drugs & rock 'n roll. What more could you ask for?

Even many of the people who liked it hated the ending. The ending is abrupt and it is not properly signaled, but I laughed at it. Moreover, you cannot expect closure and a neat wrapping up on anything as messy as this set of lives. The relationships will just continue to morph with the changing guest list at the house party.

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