Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Software Architecture and Modelling SIG

The SDForum has created a new Special Interest Group on Software Architecture and Modelling. Stephen McHenry from Netflix gave the initial talk followed by a Panel Session. Stephen talked about being a system architect, drawing from his many experiences, even touching on his current work at Netflix. The talk did not contain anything earth shattering or new, however he did a good job of covering the existing teritory. It was just the right thing for a new group.

There was one point made that I started to quibble with. Stephen said that you should try to delay making as many decisions as possible. This drew nods of appreciation from many audience members. I interrupted to say that there are some decisions that you have to make up front. Then the light bulb lit. A systems architecture is defined by the decisions that you make up front. All the decisions that you can delay are the implementation.

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