Monday, June 07, 2004

Windows Annoyances

No system is perfect, but some seem to get worse with age. The Microsoft Windows operating system is certainly an example of this. Windows 3.1 was a small and taut system. The changes for Windows 95 and 98 were mainly internal so that anyone who had grown up with one could easily adapt. Since then things have been going downhill. I use Windows XP because when the motherboard succumed to Taiwanese capacitor rot, and I had to get a new one, XP was the only operating system that would load on it.

The first thing that you notice is that the Start menu is hopeless cluttered mess and that Windows Explorer in its default configuration shows mostly huge empty panes, with cute and unhelpful messages in the corner. With some fiddling you can get the "Classic" look, and after some more fiddling with options, get it so that you do not have to set the way Explorer looks seperately for every single folder that you visit. But even now it keeps hiding stuff in the Start menu, and although I have tried a couple of times to find the option to stop it doing this I have not succeeded. I DO NOT WANT MY START MENU TO LOOK DIFFERENT EVERY TIME I USE IT, PARTICULARLY BASED ON USAGE PATTERNS! STOP FUTZING WITH MY USER INTERFACE!

I came home the other night to find most of the icons on my desktop had disappeared. XP has this annoying habit of nagging you to clean up the icons on your desktop. Being old enought to be inured to this kind of thing, I can ignore it. Unfortunately my son had accepted the nag in his session and when he cleared up his desktop, all my icons disappeared as well. XP - STOP THE NAGGING! AND DO NOT ALLOW J. RANDOM USER TO CHANGE MY DESKTOP!

The good news is that we are not going to be troubled by anything new and worse for some time. Also a cottage industry has grown up to help you deal with windows annoyances.

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Anonymous said...

Windows XP. There is a new update almost daily, and at least weekly. Lately my Windows Explorer is displaying tiles. I don't want tiles.....I want Details. No matter what I do, it returns to Tile display. At the same time as this first started, my Recent Program List is blank. Microsoft.....QUIT MESSING WITH MY SETTINGS. If MAC had had decent software, I would have dumped PC years ago. Multi-tasking....that's a joke.