Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FSJ Rules

Not sure quite why, but "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs" is my favorite read on the internet. Every day there is at least one entry that makes me laugh out loud. Today, "Goatberg" asked RSJ (Real Steve Jobs) whether he reads FSJ (Fake Steve Jobs). RSJ replied that he had read a few of the FSJ things recently and thought them pretty funny.

Currently Vallywag has a hot campaign to unmask the identity of FSJ. In the past, others have tried and failed. Given Vallywag's record for bulldog journalism I do not expect them to get anywhere either. Their latest candidate misses the mark on several fronts. From reading between the lines, I think that that FSJ is of Steve's generation and has a strong British expat connection as several posts contain cultural references to Private Eye, the British satirical magazine.

Anyhoo, if you want a good laugh, hear Bono on how he is going to get the World Bank job.

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