Saturday, June 09, 2007

Video 2.0

The best way to find out about something new is to try and do it. Robert X. Cringely illustrated this in an unusual post this week. The post is unusual because he normally comments in his acerbic way on what others in the tech industry are doing. This post is on his own technology adventure.

Cringely has put together a series of video tech interviews and he wanted to provide a way for video feedback. I have done some video, but until I read read the post, I had never considered the possibility of video as a response. Cringely provides an example in the comments of a You Tube video that absolutely demands video feedback and gets it. (That Pachelbel sure knew how to write a bass line, even in the 17th century.)

In other video sightings from around the web, the normally staid TechCrunch blog has a wonderful video mashup on the Jesus phone.

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